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You won’t find any business buzzwords here. Our list of words is designed to inspire attorneys to reframe their mindset and look at client relationships through a new lens, while still maintaining their authenticity.

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Connection is key.

As a highly emotionally intelligent brand, Beyond Law leads by example as we teach participants the importance of tapping into their emotions to develop long-lasting, meaningful relationships built on trust.


The latest topics, trends and tips on how to build the mindset needed to create the ultimate book of business.

The #1 Trait For Building Your Book of Business

The #1 Trait For Building Your Book of Business

After many years in the legal profession, I’ve noticed that my colleagues tend to share certain traits that make them good lawyers. Most are very smart. Most have a strong work ethic. And they fight hard for their clients. Which leads to an interesting question –why do so many smart lawyers struggle when it comes to getting new business?

The Secret to Building Your Book of Business: Be Happy

The Secret to Building Your Book of Business: Be Happy

How would you like to become the rainmaker that everyone in your firm looks up to and admires? The kind that rakes in new and profitable clients for your firm year in and year out? It’s really quite simple. Develop an optimistic mindset. Practice the habits that lead to rainmaking success.


Take a peek at Beyond Law’s bookshelf for topics and authors who are helping people tap into their true potential and build their business, their way.

10 books lawyers need to read:


By Carol Dweck

Dweck is a professor whose students begged her to write this book. It explains the necessity of a growth mindset, which can be learned. The bottom line is, people with growth mindsets are happier, more successful and, although she doesn’t say it, probably have more sex… more from our bookshelf

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