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You’re Smart. Of Course, You Are. You’re a Lawyer for Crying Out Loud.

But when it comes to building a network that could lead to business, smart isn’t enough. Sure, your IQ may win you some work now, but it’s actually your EQ, or emotional intelligence, that wins you the relationship— and all the work – for years to come.

However, in order to build a successful book of business, you must first shift your mindset from billing to building. From there, it’s a matter of implementing the right tools to track your progress and the right expertise to keep you motivated in order to be successful. And we mean wildly successful. Beyond Law’s proven program, based on Janice’s own multi-million-dollar model, shows you how to build you own business, in a genuine way, that’s totally unique to you.


Beyond Law was founded to fill an important gap when it comes to lawyers and their ability to build business. Lawyers must learn to shift their mindset from executing a transaction to cultivating a relationship in order to be extremely successful. To accomplish this, Beyond Law has taken proven methods, tested over time, and simplified them into an easily digestible process. It includes education and empowerment with a long-term support system in place, in order to help to ensure measurable results over time.

Our stats say it all

Proven success in moving lawyers to Partner, and non-equity to equity.



Don’t just take our word for it. See what our clients have to say!

The Strengthening Your Network training and associated Cloudburst program developed by Janice Brown is the most effective business development training of the numerous programs that I’ve participated in. Not only did each participant walk away with a functional and user-friendly tool for tracking (and maintaining) our business development efforts and goals, but I believe we each came away with at least one “Aha!” moment. I had many and have been sharing them with my colleagues, friends, and even students I’ve interviewed—because it’s never too early to start developing the teaching and mindset that Janice teaches.”

– Martha Sandoval, Partner, Business Practice Group

Beyond Law is a phenomenal program which is highly beneficial to professionals charged with developing meaningful and productive business relationships. The courses are uniquely designed for participants to better understand themselves and leverage their core value system and personality to more effectively engage their professional communities. Beyond Law is highly rewarding and can provide pathways to ensure highly successful and rewarding careers.”

– Joseph M. Drayton, Partner, Cooley LLP

Beyond Law is a results-driven program designed to teach lawyers at any level a step-by-step process to develop a book of business. By following the tenants taught in Beyond Law, my book of business has grown substantially. Additionally, as the managing attorney of our law firm, I have been impressed by our associates’ increase in business just over the past few months since attending the seminar. I would highly recommend this program to anyone looking to learn how to develop business or wanting to grow their book of business.”

– Stacey L. Fode, Managing Partner, Brown Law Group


At first, the legal game is simple. Read, memorize, write and repeat. Then, about 8 to 10 years in, the game changes. It becomes all about revenue and value add. For a lot of lawyers, that’s when the doubts get louder. “I’m already working so much. How can I find time to ‘sell’ to people?” Or, “I hate salespeople. I went to law school to avoid selling!” Or, “I don’t really admire the lawyers I see that are selling well.”

Beyond Law’s mission is not to teach lawyers how to sell. It’s to empower lawyers by teaching them how to develop relationships in a way that feels authentic to them. Through simple mindset changes, a proven tracking method and help from renowned coaches, program participants will build a book of business they never dreamed possible.


“Human connection is everything.”

We could tell you all about Janice. The fact that she won trial lawyer of the year when with the Department of Justice or that she’s been recognized as a “Super Lawyer” since 2007, however we think past Beyond Law participants say it better than we ever could:

“It’s a pleasure to work alongside Janice and observe the experience, energy and enthusiasm she injects into her work.”
– Julie O’Brian, Attorney Development Manager

“Janice not only teachers, she builds individual relationships with students that lead to business generation and success.”
– Wyatt Maxwell, Real Estate Attorney


“Authenticity is the glue of connection.”

George brings a lifetime of experience, including 20 years at the Coca-Cola Company, Vice President and General Counsel for the Oakland Athletics Baseball Company and Chief of General Litigation for the City of San Francisco, to the table.

Today, as the COO of Beyond Law and founder and President of his own consulting company, OfficeSeer LLC., George believes the Beyond Law program holds the keys to every attorney’s success. He is driven by a passion to help attorneys discover new ways to develop and sustain rewarding relationships


From leaders to qualified staff members to practicing attorney coaches, learn the part each of us plays in your success. Want to join our team as a speaker, coach or contributor? Great! We’d love to hear from you.