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The Origins of Beyond Law’s Business Development Program

Beyond Law was created out of necessity. Law schools didn’t teach the business side of law and the firm partners either didn’t know how to teach this skill, didn’t have the time, or both. Beyond Law was developed to fill that knowledge gap by showing lawyers the ropes in a unique and impactful way.

Our program demystifies the business development process by using simple proven practices, ongoing support of “best in the biz” coaches and access to the powerful app, Cloudburst. Attorneys learn how to track their progress, meet their goals and build a book of business their way, with clients they like.

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“The Cloudburst system and approach to business development completely transformed my approach to developing and growing my law practice.”

Jennifer Simms / Attorney

The tools you need to make it rain.
Unleash your business building potential.






Helping Lawyers Think and Be Their Most Authentic Self

We want every lawyer who engages with Beyond Law to feel more confident and free. Free from worry, self-doubt and the inability to immediately access one’s best self. We want you to walk out of our program with the freedom to be authentic, economically successful on your own terms and confident in your ability to achieve what you want and deserve.

The Beyond Law workshops teach you how to be comfortable with business development. Through mindset changes, access to Cloudburst, coaching and completing proven habit-forming tasks, you’ll successfully build a network that’s unique to you and be seen as a trusted adviser by your clients, bosses and peers.