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Hear the methodology behind Beyond Law’s success and explore new ways of thinking that lead to expanded opportunities which are totally unique to you.

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Mindset of A Rainmaker

This 45-minute presentation focuses on how to achieve the optimal mindset for creating trust, developing new habits and authentically expanding one’s network.

7 Components of Running a Business

This one-hour presentation focuses on the entrepreneurial skills businesses require and understanding the seven components of running a business.

How to Make Your Network

This one-hour introductory presentation helps participants understand their limiting beliefs about networking and how to overcome them.


This 90-minute presentation helps lawyers get a better understanding of what is most important to them and how to make that importance a reality.

Emotional Intelligence

This 45-minute presentation explains the significance of emotional intelligence: When it comes to winning business, smart is not enough. Instead, those who have emotional intelligence, and spend time enhancing it and learning more about it, become true masters of their visions.

General Counsel/Chief Counsel in the New World Order

An informative one-hour presentation that will provide legal leaders and individual contributors with unique thinking and tools to best navigate the current challenging, and ever changing, business and legal practice landscapes.

Generational Communication in the Digital Age

A lively one-hour presentation that explores the growing communication gap between the Baby Boomer generation and Millennials, analyzes how this gap often causes a decrease in company/team productivity and workplace trust and, offers simple tools to effectively close this gap and build successful, efficient and productive teams.

*Presentation designed for law firms, in-house legal staffs, law schools [educators and administrators] and/or any company that has departments/staffs that are experiencing the challenge of generational transition.

Knowing the Place to Be

A captivating and provocative 45-minute presentation that generates a mosaic of personal (human) actions, behaviors and habits, aimed to light a fire under the listener to create and sustain the type of strong and effective personal behaviors on which successful careers are built.

*Presentation designed for business-oriented high school and college students, law students, young attorneys in firm practice, as well as young, newly minted business professionals who are starving for a straightforward guide to distinguish themselves in their area of practice. This can also be used with older professionals to refresh and re-ignite their (sometimes lost) ability as leaders to empower the people they employ to be their best.

Leadership of Self

A focused 45-minute presentation that provides attendees with helpful hints and thoughtful guidance designed to make it clear to attendees that effective leadership for any business starts with personal leadership and accountability.

*Presentation designed for business teams, in the professional world, who are hungry for a business culture that thrives on the type of collaboration and individual accountability that leads to boundless business success.

The Power of Brands

A thought-provoking and inspiring one-hour presentation that challenges the listener to understand and unlock the mystery of why powerful brands achieve their sustainable impact and offers pathways that, where used effectively, can unlock the unlimited opportunities and success.

*Presentation designed for companies of any size or discipline that are seeking to refresh/re-energize their brand in a unique, “human-focused” manner.

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