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Law Firm Business Management Seminars and Training Workshops

Unlock your potential. Beyond Law kicks off with an intensive, two-day workshop that literally transforms how attorneys look at the business development process. By combining the same proven concepts, that Janice used to build her multi-million-dollar firm, participants will learn how they can build and maintain relationships with clients they like, using a personal style that’s all their own.

After the seminar, one of our elite coaches will be handpicked by for each attorney. Over the next six months, these coaches will be at the attorneys’ side, guiding them, helping them to develop and refine their techniques and land new business. In addition, attorneys will get access to powerful, accountability CRM tools, like Cloudburst, to help track and improve their progress.

Explore our workshops:

Building the Business of You

This powerful course teaches lawyers how to run the business known as Me, Inc. Just like any business, first you need a clear vision, then you need the right tools to accomplish it. This workshop introduces ways to analyze and monetize your success, while providing guidance for course correction and self-awareness.

Success starts with you.

Beyond Networking

Many lawyers hate the concept of “networking”. This practical course helps lawyers reframe the concept from a distasteful “must do,” to a fun, measurable experience. This valuable workshop also provides lawyers with numerous tips on how to follow up, helping them build meaningful connections.

Most people don’t follow up, if you do – you’ll stand out.

Lawyers of Color

How to thrive and survive in a legal industry that is far from woke. This focused workshop is designed to fortify lawyers of color in Big Law. It teaches how to understand what is never spoken about the business of law, and how to gain power and apply it effectively to expand opportunities.

Insights that empower.

Building Resiliency during Troubling Times

Resiliency is a skill set that can be learned. Lawyers tend to score low on resiliency tests, so this reflective course teaches lawyers how they can master the skills they need to enable them to better handle the risks and stress of practicing law.

Adapt, adjust and prosper.

Develop a Book without Losing Your Soul

This insightful workshop answers the question raised by numerous lawyers when they first meet law firm rainmakers. In fact, many lawyers don’t like or respect them, mistakenly believing that all rainmakers are phony jerks. Not so! You can actually be a kind and well-respected rainmaker. This workshop shows lawyers how.

Sell business, not your soul.

Mocktails – How to Thrive and Not Just Survive a Cocktail Party

Many lawyers hate the “grip and grin” of cocktail parties. This interactive workshop helps lawyers, many who are introverted, find fun and enjoyment at these social events. This course helps lawyers define and tailor their approach and most importantly find their comfort level.

Tip #1: Don’t talk about work.
Tip #2: Ask questions.

Networking from a Social Distance

This timely webinar undermines the myth that you can only network in person—as proven by current events, we know this isn’t true. In fact, people crave connection during a time of separation.

Tip: You’re not selling, you’re connecting.

Women and Power

This relevant and character-building workshop helps women redefine what “true power” is while helping women lawyers understand how to build confidence internally, that radiates externally.

Shine from within.


Time is money, or so they say in the legal profession. Understanding how you spend your time is critical to achieving your goals and creating a roadmap for success. This productive workshop teaches lawyers how to get clarity on what’s most important and how to put that first.

Focus on what matters.

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