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Law school teaches lawyers how to think critically, analyze information and organize it in a way that helps them advocate for their clients. However, law schools, and indeed law firms, rarely teach lawyers how to be influential, respected, admired or charismatic. They have not found an effective way to develop these crucial “rainmaking” behaviors” and, in many cases, are not convinced these behaviors are learnable

Beyond Law has proven time and time again that attorneys CAN change, adapt to a new mindset and learn new behaviors in a way that’s unique and personal. We help lawyers understand hidden strengths they haven’t yet utilized or honed. By tapping into their potential, and with the guidance of the Beyond Law program and coaches, lawyers can create a trusted network of relationships that can lead to a solid book of business.





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Ignite the belief within

Cultivate Your Mindset with Law Firm Marketing Consulting

Although lawyers are talented, they typically focus only on key primary skills like reading, writing and communicating. However, the most significant component of building a business is “mindset”. All it takes to expand one’s mindset is the ability to learn. Thankfully, lawyers excel at learning as their industry demands it. Just one little shift from “this is really hard” to “I’ve got this,” and you’re off.

Acting as part legal marketing consultant and part practicing attorney, Beyond Law’s one-of-a-kind program teaches lawyers how to shift their thinking from “I’m not good at developing business“ to “Actually, this is easy.” Once that shift occurs, all the other pieces of the program fall seamlessly into place and attorneys can move from billing hours to building relationships in a way that feels genuine.


The power of good habits

Sustain with Business Development Coaching for Lawyers

If you change your mind, you change your behavior and in turn, you change your results. While it’s a big achievement to make changes in your mindset and routine, it can be difficult to keep up your newly found habits. That’s where we come in. We send you reminders, connect you with extremely renowned coaches, and give you access to Cloudburst to help you continuously set, measure and meet your goals.

Beyond Law has a track record of changing lives. We’ve helped lawyers make partner, get unstuck and build stellar books of business. So, whether you’re vying for partner or just starting out, Beyond Law can help you to reach goal after goal after goal.


Keep success going

Connect with Lawyer Networking Resources

Through ongoing coaching, lawyer marketing forums, alumni, peers, lawyer networking groups and more, the Beyond Law program gives you access to the tools and resources you need to build and maintain the book of business you’ve always wanted. The proof is in the numbers. More than 60% of participants who are on the “Partnership” track become partners within a year of completing the Beyond Law program.

Part of that success includes our easy-to-use business development tool, Cloudburst. Janice has been using Cloudburst to help build her own firm since 2004. She now has a multimillion-dollar book of business consisting of Fortune 1000 corporations, governmental entities and local businesses.

Cloudburst ®

ROI you can measure.

Increase Productivity with Cloudburst our Business Project Management Tool
The fact is, what gets measured gets done, but how do you measure your efforts? How do you keep track of your contacts? How do you know if it’s working? Cloudburst is the answer.

Most Customer Relationship Management systems are built for other businesses and then sold as CRM for lawyers. That’s why they don’t work. Cloudburst is a reliable, easy-to-use accountability tool developed specifically for lawyers, by lawyers.

Cloudburst is a lawyer-focused project management tool that helps you follow up, create rewarding habits and build confidence, just like going to the gym. You simply input your contacts, keep a record of what was discussed and note your outreach method (email, phone, face-to-face, etc.). By doing these three things, you’ll consistently hit your target goal, which increases over time, until you finally hit your stride.

We’ve gamified networking and made it easy to succeed.


See what makes Cloudburst unique
Our proprietary software tool is fast, easy and effective at helping attorney’s make it rain, experience the Cloudburst® difference, with key features, including:
  • Gamified networking
  • Quantified networking
  • Scheduled follow up – the most essential component of business development
  • Calendared connections in real time
  • Quantified success

Monitor your success and celebrate wins.

As a Plaintiff’s lawyer I was curious to see if Beyond Law and Cloudburst would help my practice. They really did. Cloudburst® is an easy, focused way to increase your connections and business. And if you get a chance to work with Janice Brown, take it. She’s dynamic and real, and really knows her stuff.

Ken Turek
Turek Law, PC

Success Stories:

Beyond Law has helped countless attorneys create or rethink their approach to winning new clients and work. Here are just a few:

Janice Brown’s program was both inspirational and instructive. The practical tools she offers for building a business development network, coupled with the guidance she provides in implementing those tools, have been very helpful to me. Janice is very generous with her time and even her own connections!”

– Partner, Investment Management Group

I have been through numerous leadership and professional development programs, and I can say without hesitation that Janice Brown’s course has been the most beneficial I have ever experienced. Her joy and passion for productivity and health are infectious. She asks hard questions and, more importantly, got me to ask myself hard questions that greatly influenced a major change of focus in my law practice and ultimately resulted in a much-improved quality of life. Attending her program has been one of the best things that has ever happened to me professionally, and I encourage anyone to jump at the opportunity to take advantage of Janice’s gifts”

– Partner, Schell & Oglesby, LLC.

Attending the Beyond Law program taught me how to mix business development and relationship building in a productive and fun way. Janice provides great insight, examples and confidence during the program. Then, she and Roger Lane offered wonderful follow-through about their effective systematic approach that has helped me grow my practice and deepen my professional satisfaction. I am proud to say that I have landed several clients. Not a ton, but it’s a process, not a finish line.”

– Partner, Schwartz Semerdjian Ballard & Cauley LLP

When you ignite the belief within, potential is unlimited.

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