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One of the most real and inspirational programs about business development that I have personally seen in the 18 years of practice. Janice Brown redefines authenticity as she teaches about the challenges and rewards of business development in big law. She is a caring coach, teacher and cheerleader and exactly the kind of leader we need delivering this program to inspire our diverse partners to succeed.

Jean Lee, President and CEO
Minority Corporate Counsel Association

“It’s hard for me to properly convey the impact of Beyond Law because I feel my knee jerk endorsements of “game changing” or “life altering” are too dramatic to convey the sincerity behind those words. And not coincidentally, “sincerity” and “authenticity” are not only two of the pillars the program is built on, but hallmarks of Janice Brown herself. This is not just another “how to be a rainmaker” course. Beyond Law is an education in shifting one’s viewpoint on not only what business development is, but more importantly, the relationships that underpin that skill. And what’s more, it’s not taught by a business development “guru” that’s never practiced law, been an associate, or run a partnership. It’s taught by a woman who started her own firm and grew that practice into a tremendous success. Her message is clear, to the point, and sincere – and for me, the lessons learned with Beyond Law are a fundamental part of how I got to where I wanted to be, and will continue to be guiding principles as my career continues.”

Wyatt Maxwell, General Counsel
Leon Capital Group

I have owned a law firm for 10 years and before that I practiced at “Big Law” firms. Beyond Law is a fantastic program that taught me the business aspect of law on a partnership level. We all start the race at different places, some of us start at the start line, some ahead of the line and many of us start behind the line. Where ever you start in your legal career, Beyond Law will help you win the race.

Tanya C. Walker
Walker Law

When you ignite the belief within, potential is unlimited.

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