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The Beyond Law Glossary

It makes sense that, as we introduce attorneys to new ways of thinking about building relationships, we introduce them to new vocabulary terms in order to talk about building those relationships. So, we’ve created a glossary. These terms and definitions are designed to help lawyers understand what we do, how to talk about their shift in mindset and introduce them to new approaches around making and maintaining client relationships.

Key terms:

Active Listener

The power of being present.
We not only listen to our participants, we teach them the value of active listening as a key business development tool.


Tap into your true, badass self.
From the moment participants walk into the door, our instructors and coaches encourage them to dissolve old paradigms, explore the power within and leave all the BS behind.


Long lasting impact.
Measurable results. The proof is in the numbers. More than 60% of participants who are on the partnership track became partners within one year of completing the program.


Otherwise known as emotional quotient or EQ

Connection is key.
As a highly emotionally intelligent brand, Beyond Law leads by example as we teach participants the importance of tapping into their emotions to develop long-lasting, meaningful relationships built on trust.


Vulnerability is the bridge to connection.
We know that everyone comes to the program with their own experiences, fears and expectations—we encourage participants to open up, build courage and explore the power of being vulnerable.


We’re dedicated to your success.
Our seasoned coaches dive into your business challenges and help reveal your unique value and strengths while providing the guidance you need to overcome obstacles and stay the course.


When the mind believes, we achieve.
Designed to inspire, our program helps attorneys explore the power of relationships, authenticity and connection as the new foundation of their business development initiatives.

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