Julie O’Brien

Attorney Development Manager

Janice Brown is working with a select group of our firm’s attorneys on an extended business development program, using her Cloudburst® program and other tools. It is a pleasure for our Professional Development group to work alongside Janice and observe the experience, energy and enthusiasm she injects into this work. It has also been gratifying to see the beneficial effects her program is having on each attorney as they are growing in confidence and skills.

Gwen Williamson

Partner , Investment Management Group

Janice Brown’s Strengthening Your Network program was both inspirational and instructive. The practical tools she offers for building a business development network, coupled with the guidance she provides in implementing those tools, have been very helpful to me. Janice is very generous with her time and even her own connections!

Wyatt Maxwell

Real Estate Attorney , Dallas, Texas

My time with Janice was a watershed event.  I have an opportunity this year to develop for the first time a significant book of business – in large part due to the skills Janice passed on and the individuals she continues to introduce me to.  Janice’s energy and commitment to her students is on a level that’s hard to describe.  She not only teaches, but builds individual relationships with students that lead to business generation and success.  I cannot overstate how highly I think of Janice, and how grateful I am to the firm for the opportunity to learn from her.  In my estimation, it was the best money I’ve seen invested in attorney development, and I believe in short time the firm will see a quantifiable return on that investment.

Martha Sandoval

Partner , Business Practice Group

The Strengthening Your Network training and associated Cloudburst® program developed by Janice Brown is the most effective business development training of the numerous programs that I’ve participated in. Not only did each participant walk away with a functional and user-friendly tool for tracking (and maintaining) our business development efforts and goals, but I believe we each came away with at least one “Aha!” moment. I had many and have been sharing them with my colleagues, friends, and even students I’ve interviewed --- because it’s never too early to start developing the teaching and mindset that Janice teaches.

Joseph M. Drayton

Partner , Cooley LLP

Beyond Law is a phenomenal program which is highly beneficial to professionals charged with developing meaningful and productive business relationships. The courses are uniquely designed for participants to better understand themselves and leverage their core value system and personality to more effectively engage their professional communities. Beyond Law is highly rewarding and can provide pathways to ensure highly successful and rewarding careers.

Stacy L. Fode

Managing Partner , Brown Law Group

Beyond Law is a results-driven program designed to teach lawyers at any level a step-by-step process to develop a book of business. By following the tenants taught in Beyond Law, my book of business has grown substantially. Additionally, as the managing attorney of our law firm, I have been impressed by our associates’ increase in business just over the past few months since attending the seminar. I would highly recommend this program to anyone looking to learn how to develop business or wanting to grow their book of business.

David H. Veile

I have been through numerous leadership and professional development programs, and I can say without hesitation that Janice Brown’s course has been the most beneficial I have ever experienced. Her joy and passion for productivity and health are infectious. She asks hard questions and, more importantly, got me to ask myself hard questions that greatly influenced a major change of focus in my law practice and ultimately resulted in a much improved quality of life. Attending her program has been one of the best things that has ever happened to me professionally, and I encourage anyone to jump at the opportunity to take advantage of Janice’s gifts.

J.K. Simms

Janice’s Cloudburst system and approach to business development completely transformed my approach to developing and growing my law practice. One of my strengths has always been connecting with people and building relationships. Janice transformed my approach to “networking” and business development by causing me to be more intentional about my efforts on a daily and weekly basis to cultivate the business relationships I currently have and make new ones. There is tremendous value in being able to measure and quantify the efforts you are making to grow your business no matter what field you are in. Use this system in your practice and you will see results and find great fulfillment along the way.

Sara Brite Evans

Partner , Schwartz Semerdjian Ballard & Cauley LLP

Attending the Beyond Law program taught me how to mix business development and relationship building in a productive and fun way. Janice provides great insight, examples, and confidence during the program. Then, she and Roger Lane offer wonderful follow-through about their effective systematic approach that has helped me grow my practice and deepen my professional satisfaction. I am proud to say that I have landed several clients. Not a ton, but it’s a process, not a finish line.

Ken Turek

Attorney , Turek Law, PC

As a Plaintiff’s lawyer I was curious to see if Beyond Law and Cloudburst would help my practice. They really did. Cloudburst is an easy, focused way to increase your connections and business. And if you get a chance to work with Janice Brown take it. She’s dynamic and real, and really knows her stuff.


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