The Leader of the Free World

Janice Brown

By Janice Brown,

In attempting to do all of what I want to do, I must call on higher levels of energy, which at times escape me. I just want to go to bed, early. Take naps, lay in bed late. Sleep, sleep, sleep. 

But when I exercise consistently, at least four times a week, something changes. I have more energy, inspiration and when I sleep, I sleep more soundly with better dreams. I eat better and my craving for really good tequila fades. 

So what is my excuse for not exercising all of the time, well mostly it is because I am on the road, at hotels. And then, when I return, I must ease back into it. But all of that is total BS. 

President Obama exercises almost every day. He may have just a little bit more to do than I do or you do. So, if the leader of the free world can find time to exercise, so can we lawyers.