Just Like the Rest of Us

Janice Brown

By Janice Brown,

I am relieved that Tiger Woods can’t golf like he used to.
The late great Stuart Scott would crow that Tiger was butter, cause he was on a role.
He was Da Man!
Looking out from Accenture ads in the airport.
With the Swedish nanny of a wife, with beautiful biracial kids.
Not like us, better than us.

I watched a physically wounded Tiger at the US Open in San Diego in 2008.
Tiger’s leg was hurt, but he was still Da Man.
He won that tournament, gimpy.
Everyone speculated on how past the greats he could go.

Then, his life turned to tabloid.
His wife beat him down, I suspect, with a golf club.
The stories of his whorish life began to surface, then they took center stage.
Even Vanity Fair ran lurid stories about all of the women and all of the sex acts. Even Gloria Allred! joined the circus.

My mother, like other mothers who loved Tiger, was so dismayed.
She lost faith in yet another brother, athlete.
But we all thought Tiger was so different, she said.
Not like us, better than us.

Through it all, he lost his wife, his kids and a lot of his stuff.
But most importantly, he lost his nerve.
This time it was his confidence that was wounded.
And we all could see it in his golf swing and deteriorating golf game.

He stopped being inevitable.
Just like us, he suffered the consequences of his actions, his karma. And, that is a good thing for everyone to see.
He has a soul, a conscience.
It is from his soul, when he completely forgives himself, he and his game can come back. Then he will truly be – just like the rest of us.