Competition is for Amateurs

Janice Brown

By Janice Brown,

My parents watch TV a lot. My mother is addicted to MSNBC. She believes that she is personal friends with Mornin’ Joe, Rachel (Maddow), Lawrence (McDonald – he dates black women – bonus), Chris Mathews and Al Sharpton (a new-found love). So, when I call them, they both bombard me with why the world is going to hell in a hand basket, despite their beautiful mortgage free home, two paid for Mercedes and kids who do not call them for money. 

The latest battles between the Republicans and the Democrats, the right and the left, the races, the youth and the elderly are shared with me. The battles seem wasteful, but make good TV, I guess.

I remember when I told a colleague that I plan to teach other lawyers through Beyond Law how to develop business; she commented that I was arming the competition. And, without thinking, I responded, “Competition is for amateurs. Collaboration is the evolved play. Chess, rather than checkers.” 

So, I still believe that – we will achieve much more through interdependence, than competition.   Steven Covey told us that in his 7 Habits, a long time to go. Hopefully, those folks that supposedly represent us will figure it out. Maybe we can help them.