The Call to My Better Self

By Beyond Law,

Even though I know better, these days I find myself consumed by “facts.” Several times a day, I read the national newspapers, Twitter, Facebook, the Huffington Post, the local newspaper, and maybe even the LA Times. I watch video clips of the pundits and others arguing about everything. All of this information and disinformation claws at my mind, my reason. My need to understand what is happening on a minute-by-minute basis, my need to be informed, is to protect myself.  

A new tweet.

A new update.

A new photo.

A text.  

Urgent, but not Important, my phone tings.

More information—give me more information!  

My brain has become addicted, but like all addictions, it is never satisfied. 

There is always the craving for more to know, to complain about, to debate. 

It is literally making me sick.  

And yet, the strange thing about this madness is that I can choose to make it stop right now—in this moment. I know how; I have done it before. I must admit to myself that there are times that I would rather have war than peace. I convince myself that by preparing my mind for war with the latest and greatest, newsiest report, I keep my enemies at bay. If I know more than they do, they can’t beat me! 

My enemies, however, have already beaten me; they are inside my head.  

The only way that I can truly end this war in my mind is to turn quietly inward and close the door to the world’s noise. Despite this knowledge, at times I remain afraid that without my quiver full of headlines, statistics, and reports, I will be defeated by the deplorables, whoever they may be. 

But I also know that fear never leads me to peace. I can only find peace by going high, which at this moment, means going mindful: practicing yoga, reading inspirational books, meditating, or simply listening to the rain or the ocean. Then my better self releases and floats to the surface. 

My choices sound clearer and more in tune.

Without even trying to be strategic, I am—as my sight lines are magnified. 

I see all the chess moves at once, conserving energy in the process.

I am lighter hearted, as I stumble upon optimism, kindness, and coincidences that inevitably strengthen my soul muscles. 

More than ever before, amidst this wake of chaos and dread, my best self is calling me. 

I know turning into the quiet is my only means of quelling the angry reactions to the news. By staying still, I know that a true inspirational plan will come to me with ease. I will share it with everyone when it arrives.