The Audacity of Audacity

Janice Brown

By Janice Brown,

I love words that sound like they should. Audacity is one of them. It seems almost haughty to say it, like it comes from the part of the brain where special words are kept, like epochal, fortuitous and ramshackle. 

But, audacity is a dare, a challenge, a throwing down of sorts. It isn’t for the feint of heart; sissies need not apply. There is no one in the audacity line that does have not have brass ones. We just don’t have room for you. There are all other kinds of lines you can get in though: compliant is seeking applicants; careful has a long help-wanted list and settled is on an upswing. But the audacity of having audacity for anything that better serves the profession, your family, your community, your friends and yourself – you’d better come prepared to ‘man up,’ as my friend’s college age sons say or ‘woman up,’ if that fits you better.